Abereiddy Bay & The Blue Lagoon 

This weekend Hubby and I managed to escape for a whole 24 hours, so we decided to head down to West Wales.

Our first stop was somewhere that I’d seen pictures of and didn’t quite believe it was real, so I wanted to visit it for myself.

We headed straight to Abereiddy Bay and to see The Blue Lagoon.

The postcode for the bay is SA62 6DT, this takes you onto the main road down to the bay. We just kept following the road until we reached the car park.

This is the view of Abereiddy Bay from the car park.


The car park is free of charge and there is also a toilet block to the back, which is free and accessible to the public between Mid February through to October. Whilst we visited, there was also a little van selling hot and cold drinks and snacks.

To head to The Blue Lagoon, you head right out of the car park and follow the paths. There’s a shortcut up a steep bank, or a more accessible path off to the side. This path is also wheelchair and pushchair friendly.


The path to the Lagoon is only a 5 minute walk from the car park. This next photo is taken from a tiny little ledge just off the path – looking out over the bay.

There’s a little information sign there for you to read about how the Lagoon was formed.


Head around the corner from the sign and you are there, a low viewing platform for the lagoon.


It really is beautiful. While we were visiting, a small group of people were jumping from the cliff edges into the Lagoon. This is something I would love to do in the future, but as part of an organised group, rather than independently. (I’ve added it to my bucketlist!!)

However, not content with the view from the lower platform, Hubby and I headed back along the path towards the car park, but took a left, following another path to the top of a cliff overlooking the Lagoon.


Although it was a bit scarier on the top, it was worth it! We were sensible not to stand right on the edge of the clifftop (please do the same!).

After admiring the view we decide to head along the path at the top, which is part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. We had no idea where we were heading, but wandered along aimlessly enjoying the views. We walked for 2 miles along the path, stopped for some water, before heading the 2 miles back.

Here are some more images from the clifftop overlooking the bay’s.


I think I’ve found my favourite place! ❤️

Have you been here, or would like to visit? Please feel free to comment below or via my Facebook page.

*Please note – please stay vigilant while walking any trails. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and be prepared for all weather conditions.*



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