Bathurst Pool, Lydney

As a family we’ve been attending the outdoor pool here in Lydney for the last six years (Hubby has been going for longer), and visit several times during the open season. It is a beautiful place and has really come along over the years through the hard work and determination of the Trustees & the volunteers who maintain the high standard of facilities at the pool. 

It has recently opened again for the summer starting May Bank Holiday and will remain open until September. The pool is open every day during this period for its swimming club members, with two sessions a day (one am and one pm session). 

It is open for the public between 12pm-6pm everyday. Although, because it’s outdoors, it may close due to adverse weather conditions, so if you are unsure before travelling, it’s best to check before heading off. 

The price of admission (correct at time of writing) is £3 per adult & £2 per child, with under 3’s going free – and that admission price allows you to stay for the whole six hours if you wish. 

The site is beautifully painted with murals along all the wall, and the floor is covered with artificial grass where the table and chairs are situated, and anti slip flooring around the pool itself – making it very safe. 

There are single changing rooms (loads of them!) along two sides of the pool and toilets at the far end. There are also always at least two lifeguards in attendance during the busy periods to ensure your safety whilst in the water.
For this year the shop facilities have had a make over, with the shop being extended. 

They sell hot and cold drinks, some hot snacks, and a choice of icecream/lollies and sweets. They also sell a small range of inflatable items (such as rubber rings, and lilos) and goggles. 

To top it all off, the pool have recently won the George Reed Community Award (which is very well deserved!). 

Overall we’ve had a fantastic day as usual & will be back several times over the summer. 

If you’ve been to the pool, or have any comments or questions, please feel free to post in the comments or contact me directly. 

You can find out more information about the pool by visiting their website here or visiting their Facebook page – just search for Bathurst Pool. 


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