Gnoll Park

Bank Holiday Monday, it’s notoriously busy everywhere you go. For this reason we decided to stay local today and visit a favourite spot of ours, Gnoll Country Park. At only £2 to park all day, it’s fantastic! 

Today was scheduled to be a ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ event and there were some free activities children could do, including free donkey rides. 

My boys weren’t interested in this aspect of the day, but were pleased to see that there were fairground rides at the park today in addition to them being able to play in the parks there. 

The rides were £1 per child, per ride, payable through tokens that you could purchase on the grounds. 

I didn’t mind paying for a few rides each, but they knew they were limited as we’d come mainly to enjoy the outdoors and the walking around the grounds. 

There is so much to see in the grounds, that although we’ve been many times we still discover new things during our visits.

Here are some images of the castle remains within the grounds. 

The boys love walking over the low walls here and also looking into the entrances to old cellars. 

Possibly the most well known area of the park is the lake. It starts near the visitors centre and there is a path that comes full circle. It’s a wide path and accessible for all. There are also ducks you can feed in the lake (you can buy food for 50p in the visitor centre), but this is usually better in the winter from experience, when there are less visitors in the park. 

We love doing this simple route when time is limited as its quick and easy to follow. It’s also great for bike rides for little ones! (I’ll dig out the photos). 

The boys also love the fact that you can climb the trees here so we always have the obligatory tree photos…

After our walk we headed off for a little play in the bigger of the two playground areas, because they are ‘big boys’ of course! 

It was quite overcast today, so rather than taking a picnic and spending the day, we headed home for a very late lunch.

I would highly recommend taking a picnic and making use of the full day there. There are benches and tables dotted around the park and loads of open green spaces to sit, eat and play games on the grass. We were just a bit disorganised for that today. 

Overall, a lovely day out and we’ll no doubt return during the summer. 

For more information about the Park, please see their website here.

Please feel free to comment or get in touch via the contact page for more information.

Thanks, Lis x 


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